Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Best innings bowling figures for a losing team in first-class cricket

10- E Hinkly for Kent v England at Lord's, 1848
10-32 H Pickett for Essex v Leicestershire at Leyton, 1895
10-36 DCS Hinds for AB St Hill's XII v Trinidad at Port-of-Spain, 1901
10-36 TW Wall for South Australia v New South Wales at Sydney, 1933
10-43 ED Barratt for Players v Australians at The Oval, 1878
10-49 WE Hollies for Warwickshire v Nottinghamshire at Birmingham, 1946
10-49 NI Thomson for Sussex v Warwickshire at Worthing, 1964
10-51 H Howell for Warwickshire v Yorkshire at Birmingham, 1923
10-58 J Wisden for All England Eleven v Yorkshire at Sheffield, 1851
10-59 G Burton for Middlesex v Surrey at The Oval, 1888
10-61 PJ Allan for Queensland v Victoria at Melbourne, 1966
10-65 MW Olivier for Warriors v Eagles at Bloemfontein, 2007
10-66 K Smales for Nottinghamshire v Gloucestershire at Stroud, 1956
10-73 A Shaw for Marylebone Cricket Club v North at Lord's, 1874
10-90 A Fielder for Players v Gentlemen at Lord's, 1906
10-90 TE Bailey for Essex v Lancashire at Clacton-on-Sea, 1949
10-92 Imran Adil for Bahawalpur v Faisalabad at Faisalabad, 1989
10-104 VE Walker for Middlesex v Lancashire at Manchester, 1865
10-127 VWC Jupp for Northamptonshire v Kent at Tunbridge Wells, 1932
10-129 J Lillywhite for South v North at Canterbury, 1872
10-131 AP Freeman for Kent v Lancashire at Maidstone, 1929
9- GB Lee for Oxford University v Cambridge University at Lord's, 1839
9- A Mynn for Gentlemen of Kent v Gentlemen of England at Lord's, 1842
9- FW Lillywhite for Marylebone Cricket Club v Cambridge University at Cambridge, 1846
9-19 AMB Rowan for Transvaal v Australians at Johannesburg, 1949
9-19 MC Ilott for Essex v Northamptonshire at Luton, 1995
9-25 W Mycroft for Derbyshire v Hampshire at Southampton, 1876
9-26 AEG Baring for Hampshire v Essex at Colchester, 1931
9-27 J Jackson for Kent v England at Lord's, 1858
9-28 A Woodcock for Leicestershire v Marylebone Cricket Club at Lord's, 1899
9-29 JT Botten for North-Eastern Transvaal v Rhodesia at Pretoria, 1963
9-30 T Hayward for England v Kent at Lord's, 1860
9-30 JPF Travers for South Australia v Victoria at Melbourne, 1900
9-30 AE Thomas for Northamptonshire v Yorkshire at Bradford, 1920
9-31 J Briggs for Lord Londesborough's XI v Australians at Scarborough, 1890
9-32 MS Nichols for Essex v Nottinghamshire at Nottingham, 1936
9-33 AS Kennedy for Hampshire v Lancashire at Liverpool, 1920
9-34 J Dean for Marylebone Cricket Club v Nottinghamshire at Nottingham, 1843
9-34 W Clarke for All England Eleven v Yorkshire at Sheffield, 1850
9-34 J Jackson for England v Kent at Canterbury, 1860
9-34 T Emmett for Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire at Dewsbury, 1868
9-35 J Jackson for Kent v England at Canterbury, 1858
9-35 JD Bannister for Warwickshire v Yorkshire at Sheffield, 1955
9-35 Naved Anjum for Lahore City v Islamabad at Lahore, 1994
9-36 CWL Parker for Gloucestershire v Yorkshire at Bristol, 1922
9-36 CR Woakes for Warwickshire v Durham at Birmingham, 2016
9-37 ST Finn for Middlesex v Worcestershire at Worcester, 2010
9-37 Sadaf Hussain for Rawalpindi v Habib Bank Limited at Rawalpindi, 2011
9-39 DJ Halfyard for Kent v Glamorgan at Neath, 1957
9-41 FA Pearson for HK Foster's XI v Oxford University at Oxford, 1913
9-42 WN Powys for Cambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club at Cambridge, 1871
9-42 GA Davidson for Derbyshire v Gloucestershire at Derby, 1886


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