Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A carried bat in both innings for one team in first-class cricket

Surrey v Yorkshire at The Oval, 1874
H Jupp (43*/95) and H Jupp (109*/193)

Warwickshire v Leicestershire at Leicester, 1907
S Kinneir (70*/239) and S Kinneir (69*/166)

Leicestershire v Yorkshire at Bradford, 1911
CJB Wood (107*/309) and CJB Wood (117*/296)

Worcestershire v Lancashire at Kidderminster, 1935
CH Bull (57*/150) and HHIH Gibbons (83*/148)

Indians v Lancashire at Liverpool, 1936
VM Merchant (135*/271) and VM Merchant (77*/161)

Somerset v Nottinghamshire at Nottingham, 1989
SJ Cook (120*/186) and SJ Cook (131*/218)

Andhra v Kerala at Kozhikode, 1991
D Sudhakar Reddy (91*/251) and D Sudhakar Reddy (30*/94)

The Worcestershire case in 1935 is the only one involving two different batsmen.
Wood and Cook are the only ones to carry their bat and score a century in both innings.

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  1. The ultimate achievement for an opening batsman! Thanks for posting this information.